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Building Dreams with Modern Home Concepts

Mike Burianek, president and owner of Modern Home Concepts, knows a thing or two about pursuing a dream and bringing it to life. Burianek realized by middle school that he wished to be a carpenter and to open his own construction business. By accomplishing his own dreams, he has assembled and equipped a team of experts to help you build your dream home.

“I think my passion for it really helps take things to a new level,” he admits, adding that he has been a builder since 1995 and still loves his career. “Each project is as unique as the people who will make it their home.”

For those aspiring to build their dream home, he offers some advice to consider.

The planning stage: know what appeals to you.

Burianek explains that his team works hand-in-hand with home owners and his interior designer to bring to life a quality home with features that the whole family will love.

“We pride ourselves on being a hands-on builder. Details are put into the design to make it functional. From the beginning, I get to know what functionality works best for our clients. 
We encourage clients to consider the layout and design in advance so that we can plan ahead by pinpointing what works best for their needs.”

To anyone planning their dream home, he recommends doing your homework and touring model homes to discover features that they would like to bring to life in their own home.


Get to know the builder.

“We were awarded Best of Houzz in 2016 and 2017,” says Selections Coordinator Lynn Pugnea. “We offer a wide variety of floor plans, or we can work with yours, and we also offer a professional designer to assist with making your vision a reality.”

“When you are meeting with a builder, inquire as to how energy efficient a home will be,” recommends Burianek. “How does the house score when doing a blower door test? What are my energy savings per year? A lot of people do not know to ask that, and not all builders will build energy efficient homes.”

Standard homes, he warns, lose a lot of energy through leaks in doors, windows, vents, and even ceilings. Burianek and his team test each home to ensure leaks are sealed, saving homeowners energy and earning their homes certified “5 Star” or “5 Star Plus” ratings.

It is also important to consider and discuss warranties and upgrades as well, and buyers should discuss a given base-price with builders to ensure that it includes quality workmanship as well as these important features.

Learn about trends.

Architecture is in a constant state of evolution, as evidenced by the wide variety of houses represented in some of the older areas of Medina County. While some homeowners prefer a more traditional layout, many modern homes are seeing a shift to more open room concepts with plenty of storage space.

“The open concept on a floor plan is probably the big thing people want,” says Burianek. “Formal dining rooms are becoming a thing of the past… even bathtubs are starting to become an option people don’t want! More space translates into more storage space, and homeowners are starting to favor more closet space in the bedrooms.”

The Medina County Parade of Homes, presented by the Medina County Home Builders Association, offers the opportunity for you to see the best in local residential construction, including 2 home by Modern Home Concepts. Mark your calenders for Saturdays and Sundays May 6 through 21, and set out to learn and ask questions.

Get ready to love where you live!

“We are happy to build on any lot,” says Pugnea. “It’s all about the homeowners, making them happy, and bringing a dream to life.”

To begin brainstorming with the Modern Home Concepts team, contact Mike at or visit