Growing Relationships 3

The team at Peters Professional Landscaping have noticed an interesting shift in recent outdoor living trends.

“I have noticed a trend in people preferring to entertain their guests in their backyards rather than going out,” says General Manager Josh Riley. “People want something to keep bringing guests over.”

In Ohio, the dramatic seasonal weather fluctuation was once dreaded. Now, there seems to be more appreciation and celebration of seasonal change as well as nature in general.

“With the state of technology today, people want a place at home to decompress and enjoy the outdoors,” says owner Chris Peters. “There is a trend toward building an outdoor space where people can gather. People look forward to coming home, relaxing, and enjoying wine by the fire. We’ve done quite a few fire pits and outdoor kitchens over the past few years. Fire pits are especially popular when it comes to entertaining, because they can be used throughout several seasons.”

Though equipped with a large fleet of equipment that allows them to provide year-round services (including snow removal, customer designed landscapes, brick patios, and water features, among many other services), April is an especially exciting time for the Peters Professional Landscaping team.

“Around April, we’re in full landscape mode,” says Peters. “As far as maintenance—lawn, tree, and shrub—it’s go time. Between April and June, everyone wants to be ready for that outdoor Fourth of July entertainment. Nothing makes an impact like a well-designed yard and healthy, colorful flowers. ”

While the team is ready to maintain your yard and to fill flowerpots with annuals that reflect the season, they also are experts on maintaining and nurturing relationships.

“People want to make an impact,” says Riley. “And I always say if you can dream it, we can build it. We actually draw out landscapes so that you can have a better idea of exactly what your dream space will look like, and to make sure we’re both on the both same page. We want you to feel comfortable with your design and confident that you’ll love it.”

As an extra perk, there is an opportunity to get to know your team before you even request a quote. By visiting, you can click through the team to get to know them and their work. Plus, Peters Professional Landscaping has a beautiful showroom located just south of Medina where you can stop in and meet the team in-person.

“Growing a relationship with the customer is the most important part,” says Riley. “Before the project, we want to get to know you. Your likes and dislike as far as plant material, texture, and color, and what your budget is. Even what your entertaining habits are like. When we are working on a project, the communication is so important. But after we complete the job, we want to keep  that communication going. Throughout the whole process and beyond, we are only a phone call away and always ready to help.”

From professional lighting that brings your landscape to life at night to Smoke-N-Hott Grills to Unilock features, Peters Professional Landscaping will help you find that perfect fit for your lifestyle needs.

“The opportunity to host summer get togethers is right around the corner,” reminds Peters, “and landscaping is all about making that great first impression.”

Peters Professional Landscaping is located just south of Medina at 7080 Wooster Pike, and they service commercial and residential landscapes across Northeast Ohio. To get to know the team, call 330.769.1387 or 330.722.8884.