Color & Design Trends 10

Spring is coming much quicker this year after such a mild winter. On the design home front we are seeing a huge movement in homes becoming an oasis from the outside world. The need to feel connected, to relax, and to rejuvenate are driving this.

It is important to note that for interiors to become cozier, less is more and decluttering is a must. Timeless interiors evolve around key furnishings that anchor the room, allowing colors, fabrics, and accessories to create the visual interest that can easily and affordably be changed with the seasons or trends.

2017 Design Trends and ideas on how to incorporate them in your home.

Understated Luxury: We see an appreciation of luxury that is quiet, understated and personal.  Our clients want their homes to be welcoming, warm, and, most importantly, authentic.

Ways to incorporate the look:

  • Original Art:  Floral, botanicals and landscapes photography water colors and portraits of family members
  • Hand -made accessories: crocheted throws, pillows with a nod to the global markets
  • Bespoke Lighting:  lighting designed for a particular specification with custom finishes in existing design more personal to your taste
  • Hand- made linens are dressing up our homes this spring, adding a touch of everyday luxury


Chippy, worn pieces are included in this year’s design style – worn chests with a milk wash finish coat. Consignment shops are on the hit parade – reupholster or slip cover a sofa or chair

I came across a quote from a well known designer Charlotte Moss that highlights the importance of “seeing the perfection in imperfection.”  It really aligns well with the design trends, as it totally opens up one’s eyes to view the world through a different lens.

Worn patinas of wood pieces are celebrated, aged handmade lace is cherished, color pallets are softer and appear gently worn from the sun.

Pictured here is a perfect example of using aged worn pieces in a design studio. The leaded windows have been removed from an abandoned home and framed like art work to let the light in and accent a long wall. The purple cabinet is actually from a retired elementary school. This piece was originally white and used as student lockers.

In the background is a sliding ladder from the Cleveland Public Library that was not usable in its current location, so with a very talented carpenter these products were all repurposed to finish our new design space.  Remember, it’s all about “seeing the perfection in the imperfection!”

Communal Space:  Living Spaces where friends and families gather to eat, converse, work entertain and be entertained and even sleep are called open communal layouts. We are finding people need to connect to easier bygone days of the past.

Homes are being built smaller and smaller but the quality and customization is more pronounced. Luxury is found in all sizes and shapes of homes.

New 2017 Design Ideas: Small prints framed in a big way take on a more important look. Area Rugs and fur throws have increased their appearance in the Great Room, Bedrooms, and Libraries. Fresh Flowers or floral arrangements in White and silver tend to give a calming atmosphere to your environment.  Trader Joe’s and Sam’s Club all have an abundance of fresh carnations, roses and baby’s breath to create the most wonderfully simple arrangements.

The Japanese have a technique called “forest bathing” where they encourage people to go outside and take a walk in a forest. Obviously, if you live in a big city you don’t always have that opportunity. Anything that you can create that gives you that feeling of really being immersed in nature is a good thing. An example would be a living wall inside your home, office or patio.

Wallpaper has undergone the biggest reinvention of the 21st century. The new patterns are metallics, large geometrics, black and white, industrial and urban patterns. We also are seeing a growing trend in feature walls, which create the feeling of cocooning a room around you. It is the ultimate trick to transport a room into a fantastical statement without any major spends.

Butterflies are a symbol of both grace and optimism. They are no longer designated to childrens’ rooms, but rather celebrated in a variety of spaces with sophisticated accents. A famous example of this can be found in Christian Lacroix wallpaper.

Detroit Michigan has taken on a new artistic scene which grows with a design renaissance. Urban classic colors, architectural photography and a mixture of metals is another nod to seeing the perfection in imperfection.

Lets’ talk colors

Color are determined each year by a company called Pantone. From there, all the paint companies and design companies give their interpretation of how they see these colors.

The new categories from Sherwin Williams are:

  • Noir. Night is among our most precious commodities. Clients are seeking refuge from urban streetlights and screens, fueling a new romanticism. Colors: Shades of Gray, Black Swan, Navy, Mature Grape, and dark, romantic colors.
  • Holistic. This palette is softly balanced for restive spaces, a grown-up version of pastels. Warm tones pair with airy cool colors for a harmonious and nature inspired colors. Colors:  Acier, Mountain Air, Casa Blanca Blush Rose, Wild Browns, and forest floor greens.
  • Intrepid: This palette is versatile, allowing for modern, bright light or a 1970’s vibe of smoked glass, bright brass and geometric shapes. Colors: Caviar, Primrose Yellow, Island Paradise, and Flame.
  • Unbounded. Audacious colors used in combinations of foreign patterns and exotic textiles to create a look that is striking and new. Colors: Earthy Mustards, Mudslide , Fresh Water, Bee, and Coral Reef.


I hope you enjoyed your color and trend trip for 2017. Good luck decorating!