Bringing Passion to Projects

Correy Petz had worked in landscaping and land care through college while he studied business and finance. After graduating, he was finally able to put on a suit and tie every day for work. However, when he was at work, he found that he missed the freedom of being in the great outdoors.

“I always missed getting out and getting my hands dirty,” he confides. “I started dreading wearing that suit and tie every day.”

Two years later, he left the business world and pursued his passion in landscaping. Recently, however, he realized that there was a need to make lawn care more personable. Combining his business and landscaping expertise, he created EverGreen Turf Solutions.

“I saw the need for a local, professional, community-inspired lawn fertlizing company,” he explains. “A lot of the business practices of bigger companies do not resonate with folks who who prefer a personal connection. While some companies focus on pushing out the most lawns or square footage, there is a large group of folks out there looking for a local company to personalize their service, while providing great results. We’re the local guy with a conscience, we want every home to be the green lawn on the street.”

Did you know? A healthy lush weed free lawn is all about science and timing Everything needs food to live and thrive, and a healthy green lawn is no different. A lawn requires the right food and nutrition (fertilizer), applied timely, to keep optimal health. “There are also many different species of weeds that germinate at different times throughout the year. There are winter and summer annual weeds, perennial weeds, grassy and broadleaf weeds. All these weeds germinate and grow at different times of the year throughout the season. Some germinate in spring and grow through summer, some germinate in fall and grow through spring, and some return year after year. Some are better controlled before they germinate with pre-emergent products and some are better treated after emerging with post-emergent products. Some grassy weeds, ‘summer spoilers,’ won’t be seen until summer, and, at times, once you see them, they’re hard to control.” As a result, it will always take more than a few visits with a lawn care expert to maintain that perfect lawn. If provided the timely ability to care for your lawn, the EverGreen Turf Solutions team will produce expert results. Early Spring is an important time of year to treat lawns, says Petz. The ideal time to begin a quality fertilization program is at the very end of winter, into early spring, before the grass starts growing. Homeowners should get to know the basics of  lawn care too. When the experts are not around, it is important for homeowners to be aware of how they can contribute to the health of their lawn. Proper mowing and irrigation practices should be applied to keep that lawn looking great. For example, dull mower blades, cutting off too much grass at one time, and mowing the lawn to short can all cause undue stress and lead to potential problems. Mowing more often or using time-released balanced fertilizers are great practices, during times of rapid growth in spring and fall. “Irrigation is also very important. People tend to think watering your lawn four to five times a week for 5-10 minutes is great for the lawn, but it can actually be the opposite. We recommend watering 2 times a week for 30 to 40 minutes. This promotes deeper root growth, which helps keep your lawn greener in the summer and helps your lawn recover from stress better.” “The goal is simple,” says Petz. “Everyone wants a healthy green lawn, and it’s as simple as using timing and science “  To learn about EverGreen Turf Solutions, visit or call 330.662.0123.