Painting a Legacy 7

Richard Doyle is an artist of paint and words. The Medina-born artist and writer is a full time financial advisor—a Renaissance Man with the “ol’ right-brain left-brain thingy going on.” What started out as a hobby has since solidified his art a revered piece of local culture.

“I am inspired by the legacy of art,” he explains as he sips his hot chocolate (extra chocolately with the works!). We met in a coffee shop in Wadsworth, the city we both call home, and had been discussing the area’s unique culture and its indescribable appeal to artists. “I’m inspired by its ability to leave a lasting footprint when I am long gone.”

Doyle was always a decent artist growing up, but he never regarded art as a remarkable factor in his life until he earned his final financial degree and rewarded himself with a set of watercolor paints. He could not imagine that those pigments would help him launch a career.

“The first collage I created was of Sharon Center. My father in law had passed and I wanted to do something in his memory, so I did a collage. I included my in-law’s family barn as well as other local landmarks in the painting and donated it to his church on the circle in his name. People started asking about it, and pretty soon I did Medina, and Wadsworth… it launched my art career.”

His art career took his family and friends by surprise. When showing his creations, he is often met with an incredulous, “You did that?” In fact, he was met with that response so frequently that he originally intended to name his website,, after the expression of disbelief, but to his dismay the domain name was already claimed.

“My family is amazed and shocked. No one believes that I am actually a painter. I was never ‘that guy.’ I was an athlete in high school. Senior year I was a three sport athlete, and I was in the fall play and spring musical. I didn’t have any time to paint.”

Today, Doyle’s biggest challenge continues to be finding the time to indulge in his hobby. The collages for which he has gained acclaim take 40 hours to complete. As a result, his primary creations are smaller paintings, which can take between a day and a week to create. Recently, he has found inspiration to travel and paint landscapes of different cities around the world; this dream was formed when he first arrived Florence, Italy last fall to visit his daughter who was studying abroad.

“One day, in maybe 10 or 15 years, I would like to do a travel book,” says Doyle. “I have a list of probably 100 different paintings I have to do. What I’ll probably do is gift each painting to different landmarks. Hopefully I’ll have a painting hanging up everywhere around the world.”

Until then, he is content with the legacy he has established in our county.

“When an artist goes into a town, they see it differently than most people. They see beauty from an artistic point of view. Our local scenery always inspires me. This whole area is such a positive place to be, and I think there is a reason so many artists call it home.”