Raising the Real Estate Bar 3

“REALTORS® do not need to have any college education to have a job, so if you don’t need it, why go get it?” says Krystal Keck, Brunswick resident and Sales Manager of Stouffer Realty. The tone of her voice changed ever so slightly as she spoke, shifting from conversational to proud.

“I decided to get my degree because I wanted to raise the bar in our industry.”

In May of 2016, she explains, she became one of only a handful of people to earn a Master’s of Real Estate (MRE) from REALTOR® University. The degree has only been offered since 2012, and Keck is the first REALTOR® in the State of Ohio to earn her MRE.

According to the 2016 National Association of REALTORS® Member Profile, the majority of realtors are women in their 50’s with some formal education. Only 12 percent of realtors have a graduate degree or higher. Keck stands out in the industry as a young, educated woman. In her personability, work ethic, and eagerness to assist, though, she fits right into to real estate.

“I like residential real estate because I really enjoy helping others. You get that connection with people who really bond with you on a personal level—I like to know what room you’ll put your kids in, if you need a yard for your dog, or how close you are to work. It’s not about selling a home, it is about helping people find the right home.”

Coaching agents is an important aspect of Keck’s job. She teaches them continuing education courses to ensure that they have the skills necessary to be successful.

“I am passionate about raising the bar and helping agents succeed in the business. Had I known what I know now as a new agent, I would realize how important it is to have someone knowledgeable to guide you through some of the pitfalls of real estate. In advancing my education, I wanted to show the agents that I teach, recruit, and work with that knowledge is an important part of every career, and that we should strive to keep learning.”

Interestingly, Keck explains that she unexpectedly “fell into” real estate when she was applying for her first apartment. As she was applying, she was offered a position as a property manager. After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree from Averett University, she was licensed as a REALTOR®. Now, she can boast of nearly 15 years in the real estate industry.

In Medina County, she adds, we are very fortunate to have a fantastic housing market. With a rich local history that can be traced back prior to the founding of the State of Ohio, there are an abundance of elegant old houses as well as brand new homes and everything in between.

Looking for a new home or thinking of starting your own real estate career? Stouffer Realty has 162 agents across four Northeast Ohio counties. To get connected with the KORE Team at Stouffer Realty, contact Krystal Keck at 330.732.5325.