February 2017 Giving Back 2

In August, I was sitting in a coffee shop in Medina Square discussing my mother’s optimism in her battle with cancer. I was enjoying coffee with my boyfriend’s mom, and the conversation inevitably grew a little more animated as the subject moved from gourmet coffee to lymphoma.

“Did you know they have you ring cowbells when you end your chemotherapy treatment?” I had asked, incredulous. I leaned in. “And the nurses say her hair will likely change in color and texture when it grows back. We keep joking about how hopefully she will get dark and voluptuous curly hair once she has beat the cancer.”

A girl at a nearby table glanced over her shoulder at me, and I shot an apologetic smile at her. A few minutes later, the girls approached me and explained that they heard that someone I loved had cancer. They offered me two cupcakes and said, “Tell them to kick cancer’s butt for us!”

Turns out, the strangers were Krista Jordan and Brittney Zivcsak, CEO/Founder and Manager of Operations of Flight & Co., respectively. Their act was so unexpected, so kind, and just so human that I was taken by surprise. However, I would come to discover that these ladies spend every day touching the lives of those affected by cancer and that this was just one encounter in the lives of two amazing women.

“We sell apparel and give back to people that need the support,” explains Zivcsak. “We donate a percentage of the sales from our core collection to Northeast Ohio hospitals. We used to just cut a check at the end of the year with a percentage of our proceeds. But it was so impersonal, and we never saw the people it was helping. So we started doing custom lines.”

For custom lines, the girls identify an individual in need of support and team up. The first custom line spokeswoman was a young woman named Kayli, and she decided approved t-shirt designs that aligned with her chosen theme of “Be Still.” The shirts were run with her story. Though Kayli lost the battle, the proceeds were donated to her family.

“If we were to ask how many people have been affected by cancer, nearly everybody’s hand would go up,” says Zivcsak. “When one person has it, the whole family is fighting with them. Krista lost her dad to leukemia when she was young. I ended up losing an uncle to leukemia. This mission is personal to us and our community. I think every moment I have encountered has significant and memorable.”

Flight & Co. sells unique handmade, handcut, and screen printed clothing and accessories in their online store. The company began as a combination of Krista’s passions (entrepreneurship, crocheting, and helping others) and has grown into a lifestyle of spreading support and awareness.

“Do I have a role model? I do. It’s Krista,” admits Zivcsak. “She is down to earth, and she started this business to help other people. I look up to her, and I am not the only one. To the young girls reading this, if you have a dream to help others, you’ve just gotta do it. Tomorrow is not promised—start making the world a special place today.”

To learn more about Flight & Co. and to support its mission, visit FlightNCo.com.