Learn About Life Care 7

If you have never visited Life Care Center of Medina, then you do not know the supportive community that comprises its staff and residents. You may not realize that they provide inpatient and outpatient short-term rehabilitation, post-operative recovery, as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia care. However, if you ever find yourself needing rehabilitation after a hospital stay or are seeking a residential facility for a family member with dementia, it is important to understand the value of a home environment that puts you and your healthcare as highest priority.

When it comes to healthcare, it is important to dispel any misconceptions or myths regarding care to ensure that you find the best environment for your situation. To help answer questions about Life Care Center of Medina, their team offers a list of facts to consider.

1. Life Care Center of Medina is not 
 a traditional nursing home.
As a skilled nursing facility, the Valley City facility goes beyond the services provided by a traditional nursing home. Not only does it provide short-term rehabilitation and long-term care, but it has a variety of activities and social opportunities to make the environment feel homey and enjoyable.

“For many people, their visit is centered around skilled rehabilitation with the sole goal of getting them back home faster, healthier and safer after their hospital stay,” says Regional Director of Business Development Kelly Belcher. “During their time with us, multiple disciplines including therapy, nursing, social work and dieticians are all working with the resident and family towards the ultimate goal of returning them to their home. “

Many times, patients return home and realize that they may need additional care or that their home environment is not conducive to their new lifestyle. Many of them return to Life Care Center of Medina as a resident after learning that their care and services puts patients first and allows them a functional lifestyle that combines care with activities, outings, and parties.

2. Family is important—and Life Care Center 
 of Medina emphasizes that. 
“We encourage family participation with all patients,” says Clinical Liason Taylor Jones. “Especially if they are going home knowing they may need assistance from their families, we make sure to provide a lot of education and make families as active in the patient’s care as possible while their loved ones are here.”

· Many times, when an individual is receiving specialized therapy, it is difficult for their families to understand exactly how much and what type of therapy that entails. To ensure clarity and communication, Life Care staff will set up a meeting to answer questions, establish discharge goals, and determine what family goals exist at the time of admission into the facility. The patient-centered approach allows a lot of autonomy to families and reassures them that their loved one will return to their prior level of functioning in the community. Life Care Center of Medina also offers a home evaluation, where they assess the patients’ home (such as if they have stairs), to ensure that they are prepared and able to return back there at the appropriate time.

“It is a lot less anxiety going home, too,” says Jones. “They feel better knowing that we are aware of their home situation and their specialized needs. And, along the way, we give families the opportunity to be involved and to be prepared to assist with the patients’ routine.”

3. Don’t worry—the food is great.
“Some people assume a facility such as ours will smell, or that the food is bad, but those aren’t true,” explains Admissions Director Samantha Kern. “Our per-day cost of food is between 25 to 50 percent above the industry average because of the variety and quality we serve. We offer a lot of alternatives, so you will have freedom in choosing your meals. Those of us that work here often eat food from the kitchen, actually. It’s really good.”
She goes on to explain that poor food quality is one of many misconceptions associated with a stereotypical nursing home. Some other things that occasionally surprise visitors are the courtyards, gardens, aviary, cozy couches and chairs, rich wooden furniture, sun rooms, and the abundant social environment.

4. Care is provided to people of all ages. 
People of all ages have been served at Life Care Center of Medina. “We have taken men in their 20’s that have had traumatic brain injuries and need specialized therapy, and they’ve walked out our front door,” says Kern. “We treat adults recovering from surgeries, and we provide out-patient care to those that need regular therapy. If you are getting skilled rehab, the goal is to get you home.”
Residential care is also available, including a secured dementia unit with a Memory Care Coordinator who is very educated with decades of dementia-specific experience.

5. Stop by and take a tour.

“I think from a patients’ perspective, going through the cycle of a healthcare experience can be scary,” admits Jones. “It is reassuring to know that you have a lot of freedom in making choices with our facility, and we strongly encourage you to come for a tour. It is your decision where you receive rehabilitation services, and it is best to see the facility in-person before you make any decisions. It is a transition back into your daily life, and you want to make sure that you are in a place that is suitable with your lifestyle and personal goals.”

For more information, visit 
LifeCareCenterOfMedina.com or call 330.483.3131 to schedule a tour.