What Christmas Means to Me

cRecently, I was asked what Christmas means to me and my family. As I sat and pondered this, I immediately thought of the smell of Christmas cookies baking in the oven, the faint sound of Christmas music playing in the background as we decorated the freshly cut Christmas tree, and the pure expression of joy on my loved ones’ faces as they opened the perfect gifts we got for them. We have many traditions in our family, from Italian wedding soup as part of our Christmas dinner to my Grandma’s famous chocolate “Doo-Doo Cookies” and always gathering at my grandparents’ house on Christmas night. All of these things are special, but when I really think about it and what Christmas means to me, it comes down to celebrating the birth of Christ and spending time with my loved ones.

Every Christmas morning when I awake, I go downstairs to my parents’ room and wake them. As a young child, I was always super excited to see what Santa had left me and what I got from my parents. As I grow older, I realize this is not the most important thing. What really matters to me now is getting to see my family and spending time with them. In my family we all have very busy schedules, which makes it hard for us to see each other. Like most families, some of my family members live out of state. Christmas is the one time of the year where we all get to come together and see each other. It is a time of laughter and tears as we tell stories about Christmas Past, talk about loved ones who are no longer here to celebrate Christmas Present, and talk about what to look forward to in many Christmases to come. As we gather, we never forget to share with our family members how important they are to us and how much they are loved.

If it was not for the birth of Christ, we would not have Christmas to celebrate. Remembering the true spirit of Christmas is very important. After all, His true message is that it is better to give than receive. It is not about how many Christmas presents you have under the tree, it is about caring for those around you and giving to those in need. In this day and age, it can be hard to remember these simple, yet very important things. I come to find I receive a lot of joy when I give. I think it is truly important to not forget those in need, and to always spread some Christmas cheer everywhere I go.

So, what does Christmas mean to me? It means a time to spend with family. It is a time to love, give, and celebrate. Every year, we love and enjoy our time together no matter the circumstances. Not every Christmas will be perfect, but it should always be a time for love, laughter, and cheer. What does Christmas mean to you?