Don Basch's Five Favorite Holiday Gifts 8

For the last five years, Don Basch Jewelers has been bringing sparkle and smiles to area residents. With a background in jewelry repair that spans decades, Don Basch Jewelers continues their dedication to quality service and products.

“I like seeing the joy in people’s faces when they get a new piece,” confides Dustin Basch, manager of the Medina Don Basch Jewelers. “That is my favorite part of my job. It is so rewarding to see people find exactly what they are envisioning. Even if they are getting a repair, they are always excited. It is usually, ‘Oh, it hasn’t looked like that since the day I got it.’ Helping people find or design something as important as that perfect piece of jewelry is endlessly rewarding.”

Don Basch Jewelers offers not only jewelry repair and custom design, but they also offer a wide variety of jewelry. In the store are a multitude of potential holiday gifts—it is up to you, however, to decide what would be best for that special someone. Fortunately, Dustin Basch is an expert in gifting trends, and he and his team are eagerly waiting to help you find the right present in time for the holidays.

Want to get a jump start on planning your gifts? No problem. Read on for a list of Basch’s five favorite holiday items.

Denise Anne 
Diamond Designs
Don Basch Jewelers offers the unique signature Denise Anne Diamonds at both their Medina and Macedonia locations. These beautiful diamonds are covered in additional facets, or cuts, to add more sparkle and fire to your gem.
“The Denise Anne Diamonds are actually named after my mom,” says Basch. “We add additional facets to a diamond, which change the look of the diamond. If you think of a disco ball, each one of those facets sparkle. The same is true of a diamond, and we add facets to the crown and pavilion of the diamond. What happens is, when you turn that diamond, those facets make it sparkle a heck of a lot more.”
Denise Anne Diamonds are available in engagement rings, fashion jewlery, and diamond earring studs. They are also available in round, princess cut, and cushion cut.
Mixing metals can actually be quite tasteful
“Don’t be afraid to mix metals,” encourages Basch. “There used to be a ‘matchy-matchy’ standard, but that is no longer expected. Do what you want!”
Jewelry trends, he explains, start on the coasts and tend to work their way inland. As a result, Ohio tends to be late to the party. The latest trend that is just starting to make its way here is yellow gold, which is just starting to make a comeback.
“Consider picking up some yellow-tone pieces when you are gifting. They are beautiful, tasteful, and stand out amongst other metals.”
Simplistic beauty is timeless
“Simplistic diamond pendants are typically very popular for holiday gift giving,” says Basch. “Something she can wear every day. It is not too elaborate, but it goes with everything and it never goes out of style.”
Don Basch Jewelers has a wide variety of diamonds in a number of different styles to choose from, and the in-store jewelry experts are eager to help educate you about the differences to equip you with the knowledge to find the perfect piece.
Fashionistas love boutique styles
Recently, Bella Girl Boutique was added onto the Don Basch Medina store, and it has been a hit. Featuring a little bit of everything, their recent best-seller is the Swarovski Crystals jewelry line.
“The value you get with that brand is amazing, and people really enjoy it. If you are at a loss for gifts, there is always something in the boutique that would make the perfect gift.”
Engagement rings
For many years, there was a trend toward getting engaged in the spring. Basch has noted, however, that there has been a recent shift toward popping the question around the holidays. And it makes sense—is there honestly a better place than a family holiday dinner to show off that new gem?
Though halo and solitaire rings continue to be popular, many people choose to visit Don Basch Jewelers to create custom jewelry. Rings, in particular, are their most commonly-made custom designs.
“You can bring in pictures of what you like, and we’ll put together a rough sketch of what you want to do. You can combine aspects of different rings to make your own. The whole process is only about five steps, and it typically takes under a month. We have done custom design since our beginning, and it continues to be very popular. I think it is because people really treasure that special piece knowing that it was made just for them, with their personality and style in mind the whole time.”

Don Basch Jewelers has locations in Macedonia at 509 E Aurora Road and in Medina at 387 Pearl Road. For more information on products and hours,