December 2016 Local Limelight

As one of the managers of the Brunswick City Schools Video Program, I work with students in grades six through 12 to teach them the basics of print journalism. As you can imagine, we encounter a great deal of creativity in the students. I recently had the chance to talk with the sixth grade students about how they choose Christmas presents for their loved ones, and their thoughts are cute, touching, and entertaining.

  • Logan Belloma, Edwards Middle School: “I kinda of look at their personalities and what they like to do. For example, my brother likes to skateboard, so I picked him out a new board. I honestly base it off of what they like to do.”
  • John Chakan, Visintainer Middle School: “Obviously, I am a kid, so I do enjoy both giving and receiving presents. I always try to ask my friends and families a year before Christmas of what they want. I do not want them to get suspicious.”
  • Mary Case, Visintainer Middle School: “Normally, all my family will have a big list of things that we want and see in magazines or online, so we know what everyone wants. So choosing presents is not hard.”
  • Elena Franklin, Visintainer Middle School: “I find out what they like this year, and whenever I see it in the store I buy it for them. I just love making people happy. We have to remember that the true meaning of Christmas is not all about presents, it is about spending time with all of your family and friends.”
  • Teodora Iovi, Visintainer Middle School: “For my little brother, I always see what he enjoys playing with, and then I make sure to get him a lot of his favorite toys. Christmas should be about having fun with your family.”
  • Alexis Dempsey, Visintainer Middle School: “I always try to think deeply about the gifts I give. I also try to sneak around to ask them what they want, so they do not know exactly what they are going to get.”

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