Clean Cars for Christmas 6

Winter is a dreaded season in Northeast Ohio that inevitably results in dirty cars. When the roads are coated in salt and dirt, so, too, are our vehicles. Kurt Loos, the owner of Montrose Laserwash and a Medina resident, knows that everyone loves a shiny, clean car. However, when it comes to cleaning, many people may not realize that car washes differ greatly in the quality of the cleaning services they provide.

“Car washes with brushes tend to be an indiscriminate type of car wash, which means there is nothing sensing the size of the car,” says Loos, who was working as an engineer at NASA when he first became interested with the technology involved in car washing.

“The brushes in these friction washes will keep moving until they touch the car, which can cause scratches, and in extreme instances has resulted in major damage, such as broken windsheilds. There is a wide variety of equipment that car washes can buy, and you want to try to avoid car washes with brushes. Though these are the cheapest and most common types of car washes, they have the potential to cost you a lot in the long run.”

Friction car washes are filled with brushes made of cloth, foam, and bristle; though bristle brushes have become increasingly rare. There are advantages and disadvantages to using each type of brush, but the bottom line is they all touch the car, and they all scratch it.

Those scratches come from both the brushes themselves and the dirt that was already on the car or the brushes. As brushes rotate and spin, they have the potential to grind coarse dirt into paint. These car washes tend to be inexpensive due not only to the cheap equipment, but also to the cheap chemicals and cold recycled water used in cleaning.

The alternative to friction car washes are touchless car washes, which will blast your car with a series of hot water, low pH soap, high pH soap, and other high-end chemicals. Montrose Laswerwash is equipped with a 360-degree rotating arm that will sense and follow the contour of cars to ensure an all-around clean for different types of vehicles.

“As far as soap goes, the chemistry is everything when you are working with a touchless car wash,” says Loos.

“You need quality soaps to get the chemistry right, and you need hot water. That is the only way to get a touchless wash right. As a result, it will be more expensive than friction washes, but it is worth it.”

Car washes may vary in the type of soaps that they use depending on the type of washes they provide. Montrose Laserwash provides four wash options, with the cheapest option coating cars in high-end soap and the top-quality wash using the “latest and greatest car wash chemical,” a carnuaba-based car wash wax, which makes paint feel slick and look shiny.

Touchless car washes provide no opportunity for scratching, and the end result is a high-quality shine that everyone will love.

“To ensure that the conditions are right for cleaning, I must constantly monitor chemical levels. I spend a lot of time at Montrose Laserwash to maintain the perfect cleaning conditions to keep peoples’ cars pristine.”

Montrose Laserwash, located at 58 Brookmont Road, Akron, is open 24/7, 365 days of the year. Visit for more information on touchless car care.