We Love Laser Therapy 5

Luciana McCartney has always had a passion for holistic health. However, she would not discover her passion for laser therapy until she was searching for the best way to help her husband quit smoking several years ago.

“He had one treatment of laser therapy and it was completely successful,” she says, shaking her head in awe. After countless times of trying to quit, one treatment did it! That was huge. That led me to learn, research, understand, and eventually help others who were struggling. ”

Laser therapy treatments are similar to acupuncture, and are a painless and effective merging of ancient medicine and modern technology. Laser therapy is a process that includes applying a cold, low-level laser to specific pressure points of the body. McCartney applies her healing touch at AcuLaser Treatment Centre, where she uses laser therapy to assist with stress management, smoking cessation, and weight management.

“Being skeptical is natural—my practice is not the norm,” she admits. “I love helping people who have struggled with issues such as stress, weight, and addictions for years. I love helping them. They come see me after their treatment to say, ‘I cannot believe this works’ with excitement and a feeling of accomplishment.”

Smoking cessation therapy is one of AcuLaser’s specialties. This therapy involves using a biolaser light to stimulate acupuncture points related to stress, anxiety, and relaxation to help combat withdrawal symptoms. It can also be applied to appetite suppression points if weight gain is a concern. Laser therapy is a safe and painless procedure that McCartney is truly one of the most effective methods of quitting.

“Your central nervous system relaxes,” she explains. “It provides you a very calming effect, which helps you feel more relaxed and controlled. Some people experience addiction levels rather strongly, so we provide extra doses at no additional charges.”

Drugs that treat addiction can have rather serious side effects. McCartney points out the ridiculousness of kicking a nicotine addiction with the assistance of more nicotine, and relates it to telling an alcoholic that passing up liquor in favor of wine will help them break a habit. The assistance of laser therapy is effective in helping smokers quit thanks to its calming effects and targeting of withdrawal symptoms. Laser therapy’s calming effects expand far beyond management of withdrawal symptoms, though.

Laser therapy can assist in weight control, as well. AcuLaser enhances weight loss by stimulating points associated with appetite, craving, and pain management to help you reach your desired weight. The 90 day program includes three laser treatments, instruction regarding clean eating, sugar detoxing, and phototherapy support without the use of weight loss stimulants. It is a holistic approach to weight control. The best thing about laser therapy is that it is low stress, as it is painless and helps you gain control and freedom from bad habits.

“We can also use laser therapy to relieve the symptoms of stress. Stress treatments will stimulate pressure points to stimulate the central nervous system, release endorphins, and adjust your cortisol levels. It is all about helping you gain control. Our bodies can take a beating when we are stressed, and this all-natural treatment allows energy to flow through the proper meridians.It’s all natural. Without putting drugs into the body, without the threat of side effects, you have nothing to lose but cigarettes, weight, and stress. And control is one of the biggest advantages you will gain.”

For 11 years, AcuLaser has been treating patients in the Northeast Ohio area. Various therapy packages are available to help you cross the stepping stones to a healthier lifestyle. For more information on AcuLaser’s programs, visit AcuLaserTreatment.com or call 440.740.1020 to set up a consultation.