Thanksgiving Tips 3

Medina County experts offer tips for a flawless and stressless holiday

Tip #1: Rustic chic is in!

Katie Heinz, designer and owner of JK Gifts and Interior Design Studio, is up-to-date on the latest and greatest interior design trends. This Thanksgiving, consider playing with a rustic chic theme.

Start with an autumnal palette—rusts, oranges, and burgundies can be spiced up with bursts of lime green. Accent these colors with bursts of warm-tone metallics. Combine rich fabrics like velvet with things like burlap to achieve that truly rustic appeal.

“Decorate your table with more natural-type products—pumpkins and gourds are always great. Heirloom gourds are almost ugly, but funky at the same time. I’d incorporate something pretty to contrast, like a floral arrangement. Floral arrangements can be placed inside a pumpkin, or cabbage leaves can be placed around acorns in a glass container. Get creative, and bring in the season.”

Table decorations should be arranged in pairings of odd numbers, and any kind of tablescape should include decorations of different heights. This can be achieved by incorporating cake stands and candlesticks of differing heights.

Entry way decorations are a must, because that is where people enter and form their first opinion. A simple wreath on the front door, or a floral on the entry hall table with more autumn colors would be lovely. They have some cool bittersweet berries that can be added to floral arrangements, or you could go out and cut up branches and spray paint them in golds. Incorporate long stem grasses to your arrangements, which can be set in a simple, clear glass cylinder vase.

“Fireplaces are a good way to bring in the season. Consider changing out a piece of art over a fireplace to be more seasonal in color or theme. Lanterns are always fun to put on a fireplace, and again, try to incorporate different heights. Change out candles to seasonal colors. Fill glass candleholders with corn or beans as a base. Wording, like the palette signs and art, is really popular right now. Take a piece of old palette wood and paint cute things on it or something of the like.”

The best rule to remember when decorating is this: try to be classy by going with more timeless looks.

Rule #2: Keep the foods traditional.

Anthony Scolaro is the chef and co-owner of One Eleven Bistro. As a seasoned chef, he suggests sticking to traditional courses and adding a twist.

“Thanksgiving is tough to go outside the box, because people want traditional stuff. Putting twists on traditional sides is a safer route to go. This includes stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, soup; stuff like that. There are things you can do to jazz up traditional dishes.  You can do something as simple as adding roasted garlic to the potatoes or leeks to the stuffing. Brussel sprouts are always a good one. I feel like instead of carrots, something green on the table is nice. And brussel sprouts are hearty—bacon and onion are always a classic combination. If you really want to try something new, I like doing risotto at Thanksgiving. It is the same thing as doing any other starch, but it is more refined and tastes better. It is a different side than most people are used to.”

He also suggests cutting a turkey in advance. “The problem with cooking the whole turkey is the breast cooks faster than the thighs, and it always gets dry. If you care about how it tastes, cut it up in advance. Brining is important to keeping it moist and also to imparting flavor. You can infuse whatever you want—herbs, garlic, citrus, any combination that you like. It helps cook the turkey better.”

///Rule #3: It’s all about the kitchen.

Katti Meng, Head Interior Designer at Daso, insists that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

“We spend a lot of time there, especially if you love to cook. This is where families congregate. You want to have a quality kitchen that will last a lifetime. A quality kitchen also impacts resale value. When you go to sell your house, if that is something you are looking to do, your investment in your kitchen could result in a huge return.”

If you are hosting the next holiday meal, it is worth considering if your kitchen is up-to-date and timeless. If not, customer designers at Daso Cabinetry are on standby to help you design your dream kitchen that will blow your guests away. For more information, visit