From the farm 
to your fork.

As a lifelong Medina County resident, I have always assumed that agriculture was important to our local economy. However, I had no idea that it was our number one industry. I learned a lot about the processes and hardworking people that take our foodstuffs from the farm to your fork, and I think you will enjoy learning about this evolving industry. It’s the perfect time to learn about our food and where it comes from, because Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

I must warn you, though: this magazine is full of food, and your stomach will growl as you flip through these pages. It might be wise to stop by Medina Made for a popcorn snack before you start reading! That actually reminds me, did you know that you can never tell secrets on a farm? Cornstalks have ears. (I thought our farming theme presented the perfect opportunity to be corny.)

As always, I hope you enjoy this moth’s issue. Corn jokes aside, farming is a big deal in our community, and it is worth being familiar with an industry that impacts so many local people. At the very least, I hope some of these articles help spark a conversation about farming over your Thanksgiving dinner.

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