Miss Molly's: Elegance and Beau-tea 6

Miss Molly’s Tearoom and Gift Shop has been a fixture in Medina for nearly two decades. Today, the beloved tearoom continues to brew up elegance and camaraderie in the Medina Public Square Historic District, where it preserves and celebrates the intimacy of small-town life. Like the city it calls home, a number of diverse factors have contributed to the tearoom’s success over the years.

It is not just a tearoom.

Miss Molly’s Tearoom is also a restaurant, and a very distinguished one at that. While the primary audience of Miss Molly’s was once women, they now attract both men and women of all ages thanks to the variety and quality of food that they offer.

“The items that we offer on the menu are very different than what you can find at your typical restaurant,” says owner Ed Wright.

“You can come here and have a full, substantial meal. We focus on quality and consistency of our products. If you came here 18 years ago, the items that you enjoyed off our menu would still taste exactly the same today. That is because our recipes have stayed the same, which is somewhat unusual in the food industry.”

Their recipes, he explains, are closely-guarded secrets.

Fashionistas shop local.

Wright first realized that there was a need for a local high-end boutique after leakage studies revealed that Medina residents were leaving town to shop for clothing. In November of 2014, Miss Molly’s opened a high-end boutique that caters to classy ladies of all ages. They offer everything from accessories to outfits, and it is all high-end, unique, and American-made.

“The toughest thing in retail is picking out products that other people would like.I would say my wife is very talented in selecting what ladies would appreciate, and I even participate in that as well. We have always had pretty good taste, but we were really fortunate to be able to feature such a unique array of products.”

And, now that fall fashion trends are in full swing, the boutique is filled floor-to-ceiling with rich colors and warm fabrics.

It is all about you.

Miss Molly’s preserves the hometown America feel by making sure that customers come first, and the staff really goes above and beyond at making each individual feel special. The ladies in the boutique will even book special one-on-one after-hours appointments to help you find what you are looking for.

Wright recalls one occasion where he was able to observe how one such appointment influenced both his staff and a customer.

“One lady that I can think of in particular came in here just as we were closing the tearoom. She had hoped to enjoy our food, but our kitchen staff had already gone home for the night.The head server stayed and prepared her food, and after eating she went in the gift shop and boutique. She went through every aisle and filled up both dressing rooms with things to try on. And the entire time, both she and the staff were having a great time. It was really very moving to observe the impact that such a personal interaction had on both parties. It really means a lot to us to provide a personal experience and to make you feel special.”

The Miss Molly’s environment is part of the experience.

The staff of Miss Molly’s works hard to pamper everyone who stops in. The environment is elegant and relaxed, and you are transported into a world far away from the Northeast Ohio traffic the moment you step inside.

“Our whole focus is that we have tried to create an environment that allows our customers to step out of the hustle and bustle of daily life.”

People come from everywhere to visit Medina Square.

“People come from as far as Cincinnati and even Buffalo to experience the vintage small-town feel that is embodied here. On a daily basis, close to 85 percent of our traffic comes from outside Medina.”

Lifestyle centers and plazas across the country work hard to mimic the hometown America feel that is embodied in the streets of Medina, but Wright laments that they just cannot get the formula quite right.

“Big box stores change the culture of those entities. We are very unique in that we are full of small, successful businesses owned by friendly, caring people. I love knowing that after my customers leave, they have the opportunity to shop around the Square in places where they will be just as well taken care of.”