Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

We all have people in our life who are blindingly optimistic, and we all have people that see their glass as half-empty. I learned while assembling this issue of Medina County Lifestyle that it does not matter how you see your glass because, either way, there is room for more wine.

Admittedly, before I began working on the Hops & Vines issue, I did not know exactly what a hop was (fortunately, Matt from Lager Heads offers a bit of insight in For The Love of Lager). I had a grape time learning the specifics of wine and beer production in Medina County, and I think you will love this hop-portunity to get an inside look at some of Medina County’s finest wineries and breweries. Just in time for Oktoberfest!

And, of course, I could not resist including a creepy and cooky story to help get you in the Halloween spirit. We are inspired by our community, and I believe this month’s issue is a snapshot of some of the diversity that exists here.

As always, keep in touch, and let me know if you try your hand at homebrewing or wine making!