Get to Know Salon Evangelene 7

For many people, going to get a hair cut is a chore. For Salon Evangelene clients, though, it is an experience filled with pampering and relaxation. What is it that makes the Salon Evangelene experience so unique?

From the moment you walk into the salon, you are engulfed in a world of luxury. A receptionist is waiting to check you in, and while you are waiting she will offer you a complimentary beverage from the full barista bar.

It is hard to ignore the milieu while you are lounging and enjoying your coffee or tea. High-end equipment sparkles everywhere, from the chairs to the recently-imported Japanese shampoo bowls.

“We are one of the first salons in the country to have those shampoo bowls, and they are super comfortable,” explains owner Evangelene Brown. “Visiting the salon should never be a stressful encounter. We make sure everything is perfect for pampering. We are upscale, but also very caring and comfortable.”

Brown explains that her staff is filled with more than 20 highly-trained experts who are ready to spoil you with all the best products, and along the way they take great care to answer any and all of your questions.

“Here at Salon Evangelene, a haircut is a full-fledged treatment with our favorite products followed by a full styling lesson. We want to ensure that you know how to style and maintain your cut. Our highly-trained professionals actually specialize in the area in which they work, so you never have to worry about receiving a not-so-great haircut or a massage that inevitably makes you feel achier afterwards.”

She points out that some of her favorite massage services are the Thai bamboo massages and a cupping treatment. The salon’s master massage therapist practices a type of cupping known as “Soma cupping,” and it differs greatly from the unusual technique that gained public attention after several U.S. Olympic swimmers sported bruises as a side-effect. It is much less invasive and relies on soft rubber cups to break up knots and toxins, which ultimately leads to healing and pain relief.

“It is just fabulous,” she raves. “Though our services are top-notch, the products we use really do add to the experience as well. Everything we do here is geared towards providing the best of the best for our customers”

Brown imports products such as hair dye and facial exfoliants to ensure that they are top-quality, organic, and free of carcinogens. And the products that are available for sale, such as the Jane Iredale mineral makeup, are equally as clean and safe.

The best part is that the salon offers a pricing tier based on your stylists’ level of experience, so it is possible to get an amazing experience on a budget. Now that you know what sets Salon Evangelene apart from your typical barber shop, why not set up an appointment?