A Taste of Jilbert Winery 2

Jilbert Winery is the county’s oldest winery, and it stands out thanks to its intimate venue and friendly atmosphere. Tucked away in the Valley City countryside, the winery barn is scenic, historic, and private.

“This is what I love about this place,” says owner David Jilbert. “It is a personable environment and a family-operated business. Our barn is located in the quiet countryside. It is refurbished, as it is over a century old, but you can still see the original structure.”

Jilbert Winery is well-known for their honey-based wines, which help make nights out at the barn even sweeter. They produce 12 different kinds of wines, including Traminette, La Crescent, Chambourcin, Pink Catawba, Niagara, and Landot Noir.

“I prefer dry wines. My personal favorite wine that we produce is the Chambourcin. It is a nice, dark gold-red dry wine. I always recommend that. If you prefer sweet wines, I recommend our mead. It is our best-selling wine, and it is made with locally-produced honey.”

Jilbert Winery is truly a home-grown gem. Established in 1999, they started out producing wine and now are also rooted in the agricultural aspect of wine making thanks to a seven-acre vineyard in Lafayette Township. They have also now produce beer, which they brew by the keg.

“We always have three different kinds of beer on tap. We produce several different beers a keg at a time, so we alternate between what we have available. We might have, for example, an amber ale, a rye session, and a light witte on tap, but once those kegs run out, new beers will be available.”

Jilbert works hard to ensure that your experience at his winery is relaxed, friendly, and fun. If you are inexperienced with wine-tasting or have any questions about the process of wine making, he is eager to help.

“Not everybody knows where to start when it comes to wine-tasting. Of course, we work to make your experience as smooth as possible. We will set up things up in an order of recommended samples and are happy to help you through the process. We work hard to help you find your favorite drink, whether it is a dry or sweet wine. We cater to a diverse palate and will help you find a wine you’ll love.”

The winery is open most weekends for wine-tastings, although they are closed to the public during private events. Be sure to check OhioHoneyWine.com for  hours and reservations when you are planning your visit.