Wolff Bros. Supply Co. Pursues a Bright Future 4

“So,” said the solar panel to the wind turbine. “What are your thoughts on renewable energy?”

“Honestly,” replied the wind turbine, “I’m a big fan.”

Like many people looking toward a future fueled by alternative energy sources, the Medina-based company Wolff Bros. Supply Co. is a “big fan” of cutting electrical costs and going green.

In 2013, Wolff Bros. took the first step toward going green when they installed a roof-mounted 240 watt solar panel system. With 224 shiny SolarWorld panels, they were able to produce a total of 53,760 watts per year. After seeing the success of the roof-mounted panels, the Medina-based company expanded their solar panel collection this summer by adding a ground-mounted 250 watt system with 720 SolarWorld panels, which will produce an estimated total of 180,000 watts per year.

The panels produce roughly 40 percent of the electricity usage at the company’s Medina headquarters on Wolff Road. Which is impressive, considering that the large facility is also complete with a showroom filled floor-to-ceiling with a variety of decorative lamps, wall-mounted fixtures and chandeliers.

Wolff Bros., which is a plumbing, electrical, and heating wholesale distributor, prides themselves on their go green initiatives.

“We’re very good with green energy,” says Electrical Division Coordinator Kevin Hickey. “All of our outdoor lighting is LED, which requires less electricity and is very energy efficient. We are looking at putting LED on the interior of all of our buildings as well. 
And, of course, we have left room for expanding our ground-mounted solar panels down the line.”

Hickey says that the company first began exploring solar power as an option in 2012. They were looking for a safe investment to help them “go green,” and solar panels appeared to be a perfect fit.

“We see solar continuing to take off and become better and more efficient as technology is more refined,” says Hickey, who admits that he never imagined working with solar power when he started working with Wolff Bros. nine years ago.

“Solar, as compared to other options, was best for us because it requires little maintenance.The system is kind of plug-and-play, so you can keep adding onto your system with little difficulty, as we did this summer. In the long run, it will pay itself off.”

He explains that similar forms of alternative energy production, such as wind turbines, required much more maintenance due to moving parts and would not come with warranties. Though wind energy can be a great opportunity for other companies to pursue, it was not the right fit for Wolff Bros.

He also points out that solar panels can be installed anywhere—even on a home. He says that he has encountered some systems that produce as much as 80% of the energy that a typical household may consume.

“It’s been a great fit for us, and we would love to lend assistance to anyone looking to switch to a greener lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about the pros and cons of solar power, give us a call and we will put you in contact with solar installation experts.”

For more information on Wolff Bros. Supply Co., please visit WolffBros.com or call 1.888.OK.WOLFF.