Arts and Culture in Medina County

I have always adored Medina County for its diverse community. Everywhere I turn, I encounter another person with a story to tell. This month was an amazing opportunity to delve into the core of our community’s culture while shedding spotlight on some of our local artists.

From landscapers, to interior designers, to musicians, this issue is filled cover-to-cover with talent. I was particularly excited to learn about the wide variety of artwork displayed within our local libraries, and I think you will be, too.

After putting together all of the stories for this month, I relaxed with a cup of coffee, a number of paints, and a blank canvas. I saw so much talent and beauty every day for weeks, and it awoke my creative flow. Whether or not you are an artist, I hope that these stories of Medina County culture and art will inspire and captivate you.

As always, we are inspired by our community and the many people within it. Keep in touch.