An Industry "Rooted" in Artistry 4

Dirt, Dreams, and Design

Though Chris Peters went to college for finance and investments, he could not ignore his past growing up in the greenhouse and plant-nursing industry. When he founded Peters Professional Landscaping in 1992, Peters says it was easy to “go back to his roots.”

“My job is all about using creativity and design to bring people’s landscape dreams to life,” says Peters.

“There is a lot of artistry in landscaping, and the best part is that each project has a unique story.”

Peters Professional Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company that works year round to create their masterpieces. In the warmer months of the year, they do everything from landscape design to installation, hardscaping, water features, trimming, pruning, mulching, edging, and general maintenance. In the winter, they provide snow removal and salting services. With a staff of 20 landscaping experts and over a decade of experience, Chris Peters is Medina’s go-to landscaping master.

For people that are considering landscaping their home or business, he offered a list of tips to keep in mind.

  1. Now is the best time to revamp 
your landscape.
The fall season is really the ideal time to revamp your landscape and get it ready for the winter months. Things root better, and we have warm days accompanied by cool nights.
For first-time landscaping clients, landscaping now leads to less maintenance as far as watering. Summer tends to be too dry for plant installation, but the cool nights ensure that the ground stays moist so that plants can thrive.
  2. Visit the experts and ask questions.
Local garden centers can be a wealth of knowledge to those that are looking to bring a vision to life. Find a good, reputable landscape company, and they’ll help you out too. The goal is to play with the exterior design of the house to create an overall image that is pleasing. Whether your home is vinyl, natural wood, or rock, you want to incorporate plant material that goes well with the exterior of the building. A lot of intricate artistry can go into landscaping, and it is good to have a vision so that you can find the perfect group to help you carry it out. Do not be afraid to ask questions—in fact, you may learn of different styles and options that may appeal to you.
  3. Get creative, and personalize 
your landscape.
With landscaping, you can get creative with different kinds of bird habitats, different types of sculptures and garden decorations, and different kinds of bird feeders. You have many options for water features. Your patios, as far as design, can take on a lot of intricacy. And of course, you have a large palette of colors to work with. It is important to keep in mind that you have many options to help personalize your space. Landscapers will take on projects of all sizes, and we love the design and build aspect of bringing your vision to life and making it perfect for you.
  4. Your design should complement your personality.
It is important to have a design that is complementary to you. Do you want your yard to be dramatic, or subtle? Do not be afraid to draw inspiration from the world around you. I travel around the country, and I draw inspiration from different areas and the many different types of architecture that I have seen. Compatibility is so important in landscaping—the design should work well with the exterior of your home, the shape of your yard, and your own personality.
  5. Do your research, and have fun.
There are many possibilities for landscape design, depending on your particular vision. Some people may want storage structures in their yard—for that, we work with high-end Weaver Barns. They are an Ohio company that produces beautiful products. Others may want outdoor grilling stations or fire pits. Research the type of environment you wish to create and explore your options, and find a landscaper that also does their own research. We constantly reevaluate our services and ask homeowners questions to ensure that we provide a quality service that aligns with their wants and needs. Landscaping is all about making your dream a reality, so have fun with it. Know your options and dream big!