Pets in the Community

Working on this month’s magazine was an amazing experience for me as the newbie on the Medina County Lifestyle team. When I formerly worked as a reporter, one of my favorite things to do was to provide a voice for those in our county who could not speak, and it was a lot of fun to continue spending my time with animals all over Medina County. I am always inspired and in awe of the great people and organizations in the Medina County community. It was wonderful to begin my career as an editor working with animal people—in my opinion, they are the best kind of people.

I grew up surrounded by pets, and I cannot remember a point in my life when I was ever without the company of my furry friends. In this issue, you will meet a lot of people whose lives also revolve around animals.

The animal experts in this issue offer their knowledge talk about everything from equine expertise to behavior advice. They remind us that our pets and wild neighbors are an integral part of our community.

As always, we are inspired by the community. Keep in touch.