Parks For Pups 3

Looking to have some fun in the sun with your four legged friends? Fortunately, Medina County has a number of dog parks with a variety of features for your pet to enjoy off-leash.

Dog parks typically have a number of rules to keep the area safe for both dogs and people. They may prohibit aggressive dogs, sick dogs, dogs in heat, and occasionally young puppies. Dog owners will be responsible for supervising and cleaning up after their pet. Before entering a dog park, make sure that you have read the rules posted at the entrance.

We highlighted a few dog parks within Medina County that are worth visiting.

Brunswick Dog Park

Located on Cross Creek Dr. in Brunswick, this park is owned and maintained by the City of Brunswick. The park features open space and a creek, as well as picnic tables for people to relax while their pups play.

Carolyn Ludwig Mugrage Dog Park

Located within the beautiful Mugrage Park at 4985 Windfall Rd., Medina, this dog park is a part of the Medina County Park District. It sits on over an acre of land, which includes open green space, a pond, and walking trails.

Memorial Dog Park

Memorial Park is located on East Homestead Dr., just outside of Medina Public Square. Owned and maintained by the City of Medina, this park feature over 16,000 square feet of fenced in area where your dog can play. Also within Memorial Park is a J.U.M.P. playground, pavilion, disc golf area, and wooded area.

Wadsworth Community Dog Park

The Wadsworth Community Dog Park is located within Valley View Park at 592 West St. in Wadsworth. The Wadsworth Community Dog Park Association keeps this park open year round. It features 3.5 acres of fenced in space with sunny and shady areas, benches for people to rest, and hydration stations for people and pups.