Let's rock it out with Boyert's Greenhouse & Farm 7

Mike and Patti Boyert have a passion for family, farming and growing in Medina County. Carrying on their family legacies in the garden business, they built their first greenhouse in 1985 at their Farm on Paradise Rd.  As their family grew with the addition of 6 children, their business grew with the addition of the Garden Center located at the corner of Wooster Pike and Paradise Rd., and the expansion of 150 acres for their registered beef farm.  Stop in any day, and you’ll likely hear Mike’s enthusiasm broadcast on the employee radios “Let’s Rock it Out!”

Gardening Tips: “Let’s Rock it Out”

If you’ve met Mike or Patti personally, you know they have a passion for gardening.  Whether you are a novice or tenured gardener, they are happy to help you select plants and troubleshoot problems.   They advise starting with quality soil, selecting strong plants and being mindful to care for them throughout the season.

  • Before planting, break up the soil and amend with a compost or peat to give the roots a good start to establish.  For pots, Happy Frog is a premium potting mix.
  • Scout for insects and keep weeds away, protecting plants early from insect or disease is much easier than treating your problems later.  Bayer Advanced products are very effective solutions for trees, shrubs and roses.
  • Watch soil moisture, especially in pots, to keep your plants heathy and fertilize for robust flower and harvest yield. Osmocote and Espoma organic plant foods provide slow-release nutrition for up to 60-90 days; combine with a weekly shot of Miracle-Gro to keep flowers blooming until the first frost.
  • Don’t be afraid to give your plants a little haircut to trim the spent blooms and invigorate new growth.  For shrubs, timing when to trim can make a big difference in blooming and growth results.

Boyert’s Farm, 4557 Paradise Rd, Seville OH ~ Est 1985

The Boyerts raise cattle, chickens, turkeys and hogs. Crops include corn, soybeans, hay and of course pumpkins for the hayride season.  May through September, their barns and lawn are available for weddings and events.  Mike and Patti are deeply committed to agriculture and supporting local community.  They host educational tours at the farm, support the Ohio Farm Bureau and helped launch the first annual “Square to Square, Route 3 Day” which included over 40 locally-owned shops between Medina and Seville along the Rte 3 corridor.  This year the community event will run all weekend, Aug 13-14th, with more raffle prizes and specials planned.

Boyert’s Greenhouse & Farm, 7171 Wooster Pike, Medina OH ~ Est 1987

At the Garden Center, the Boyerts maintain approximately one acre of heated greenhouses & cold frames, where they grow 10,000 flats & 50,000 4”-pots of annuals & vegetables, and plant 7,500 hanging baskets & planters each year. They offer an impressive selection of more than 100 tomato varieties and more than 85 pepper varieties. The garden center is open year round, where they host free planting workshops and topical seminars on subjects ranging from container gardening to birding.

Open year-round. Hours from July 5 – December: Mon-Fri, 9:00 am-6:30 pm; Sat 9:00 am-5:00 pm; Sun 10:00 am-5:00 pm