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Donna shoots from the hip

Shoot from the hip: an expression which suggests the described person: to be brutally honest; tell it like it is; to pull no punches. I have been accused of that a time or 10!

Here’s a topic I feel strongly about — self defense and conceal carry.

You have your conceal carry; what comes next? It’s a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. You must be prepared to defend yourself, know how to react and how to respond to the situations around you. Know the limitations of your guns and gear. If you’re going to be armed, research your instructor and get proper training! Hitting a target in practice is not even close to hitting a bad guy in the heat of a moment with adrenaline rushing.

I recommend private instruction with Andrew Blubaugh, owner of Apex Shooting & Tactics. Andrew is a veteran who provides firearm and tactical training for military, law, and law-abiding citizens. He has over 15 years of military, private security and law enforcement experience.

I only had time to take two private sessions before getting this in by deadline. What I like is the one-on-one and attention to detail and safety practiced at all times on the range. Andrew’s skill and instruction helped me gain insight and confidence. The first couple lessons are basic, but further lessons become more involved. You will gain knowledge, confidence, and skill.

Find more information at or on Facebook. 330.887.2445

Carla gets an ultra clean machine

Summer is upon us here in Northeast Ohio! This means sunroofs open, music up and that rag top down to let the wind run wild through our hair. Our July publication features locally-owned businesses. This is a perfectly timed month for sprucing up our cars. I had the pleasure of being invited to Roger’s PEARL OIL CHANGE & Auto Detailing to experience first hand their ULTRA (Interior/Exterior) Auto Detail service.

When I arrived at Roger’s, I was greeted by Bert Leavitt and Jeff Hien who explained the Interior and Exterior Detail process. Inside my SUV the carpets were cleaned and vacuumed utilizing the formula Biosolve on the carpets. My leather seats were cleaned and treated, which resulted in a shine I haven’t seen in years! They didn’t miss a crack or crevice.

The Exterior was pampered using Tarminator which removes tar, sap, grease and bugs…all the icky things we experience on our daily commute to work or running the kids to soccer practice.

A clay bar wash was used to remove hard debris, followed by a high gloss wax polish.

The part I loved most was having the engine cleaned and trim shined. I popped the hood and was greeted by what looked like a bran new SUV!

Lastly, I learned some quick tips on extending the vitality of my vehicle. I couldn’t wait to get inside my sparkling vehicle, roll my sunroof back and cruise on through the rest of my day!

Roger’s PEARL OIL CHANGE & Auto Detailing is at 1314 Pearl Road, Brunswick.  330.225.1466