The Wedding Planner 3

Cassie Mullins

I first met wedding planner Cassie Mullins at a wedding. But Cassie hadn’t planned this particular wedding – at the time she was just a two-month old infant in her mother’s arms. Neither of us realized we had friends in common until we met for this magazine interview.

Now many years after our first meeting, Spencer native Cassie is a successful event planner with a background in design. A 2008 graduate of Bowling Green University, Cassie holds a degree in event planning with a minor in marketing.

“As a wedding planner, I work with bridal couples in stages,” says Cassie, “in the first stage, we discuss their likes​, dislike and vision​. I ask them what they wear on a fancy night out and what​ their perfect date night would be​. Do they want a relaxed wedding or a traditional wedding, something indoors or out? We choose their color palette and start talking about the creative elements they would like to incorporate into their wedding.”

​Cassie remembers a wedding she planned where the couple were outdoorsy and athletic. “They rode their bikes into the reception. Their cake was designed to look like a mountain with hiking trails.”

Recently, Cassie helped an artistic couple plan a rustic, industrial look for their wedding. “Wine bottles wrapped with twine, coffee-bean-bag​ table runners, mix and match plates. It really reflected their creative personalities.”

Once the look, feel, aesthetic and wedding colors are chosen, Cassie and the bridal couple move on to stage two. “This is all about planning​ and production,” says Cassie, “We look for the ceremony and reception venues and start​ executing the design.”

​Cassie has staged weddings at the​ Old​ Cleveland Courthouse, Stan Hywet Hall, the Cleveland Museum of Art, St. Clarence Pavilion in North Olmsted, Tudor Arms, the Botanical Gardens and even an old warehouse.

“I coordinate all the vendors, attend food tastings with the couple and prepare a timeline, which is huge. Bridal couples often don’t know how far in advance things need to be done and in what order. If guests are coming in from out of town, I book flights, hotel rooms as well as spa and nail appointments. I arrange transportation – you don’t want to forget that Grandma needs a ride to the wedding. I make sure the couple apply for their wedding license on time. I want to give a couple peace of mind that every little detail is cared for.”

Cassie is available to plan a wedding from beginning to end or will step in as a “month of” wedding coordinator. “Many brides​ enjoy doing the planning themselves, but the weeks leading up to the wedding are hectic,” she says, “About six to eight weeks out, I will review your vendor contracts, tie up loose ends, establish a timeline for the bridal party and the vendors. I attend the rehearsal and I’m always there on the wedding day, whether I’m the​ full-service​ planner or the “month of” coordinator. Weddings are a big deal; they’re a big production. You might say I act as the stage manager.

“While the bride is relaxing with a Mimosa getting her hair done, I’m at the venue​, putting out centerpieces, filling water glasses, making sure vendors are on time.”

​Cassie always bring an assistant with her to each wedding. “It’s good to have a second set of hands, especially if the ceremony and reception are in two different places.

“I’ve met so many wonderful people in this job. Working with each bridal couple, I develop an emotional bond with them and their family. I really want to make the day special for them.”

​Find Cassie Mullins Event Planning & Design at CassieMullinsEvents.​com.​ Contact Cassie at Watch for Cassie’s latest project, ​an​ exclusive bridal ​education​ event​, Bride to Be Academy to launch in early 2017.