All you need is love

Weddings are a personal reflection of the couple who plan them. Whether it’s an elegant affair at an exclusive country club or a rustic party in a country barn, you and your guests are there to celebrate your love.

And although every bridal couple positively shines on their wedding day, there are hundreds of duties and details they’ve slogged through to get to those vows, details that can derail a loving couple’s best intentions.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. In this issue, we’ve tapped local wedding experts for advice on how to find the right venue, the perfect dress, the most flattering hairstyle, the cake to die for and much more.

Since this is the issue of wedding advice, I’d like to add just a few tidbits of my own:

Hire the absolute best photographer and videographer you can afford and make sure they know exactly what you want. At my wedding, I opted for more than just family photos — I arranged a group photo of all my friends, admittedly a unique and colorful bunch. Years later, it’s become my very favorite photograph from that day long ago.

Second, if you’re the bride, be sure your walk-down-the-aisle shoes are about a half size larger than you would normally wear. Believe me, your feet will take a beating before you slip on those flip flops for dancing.

And finally, although your wedding day will eventually become a sweet memory, your marriage will always be in the here and now. Love and support each other. Talk it out when necessary. Always kiss goodnight. Enjoy every moment.

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