Donna's Picks 4

From a fabulous makeup makeover to negotiating a deal for a great new car, I’ve learned a lot of new tips this month, which I’m passing along to you here. Plus I have two special giveaways for two lucky readers; details are at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to head over to our website to win.

A beautiful makeover at Salon Evangelene

Salon Evangelene’s master stylist & makeup artist Sherrie gave me a makeup makeover using all Jane Iredale Cosmetics. She started by prepping my skin with Smooth Affair Primer to smooth and soothe my skin and reduce inflammation. The result? A smooth canvas for Sherrie to work her magic. Sherrie chose Glow Time BB cream in BB7 for my warm-toned skin, followed by a pressed powder for a flawless foundation.

Next Sherrie focused on my brown eyes, applying Eye Sheer in Champagne all over the lid. Eye Sheers are a great primer before any eye shadow, or they can be used alone. Sherrie highlighted under my brow with Oyster Pure Pressed Eyeshadow Cream across the lid and Cappuccino in the crease. Sherrie also accented the crease with Merlot PurePressed Eyeshadow for a pop of color. She completed the look  with Black Ice Longest Lash Mascara. Full brows are all the rage right now, so Sherrie filled and shaped my brows with the Blonde Bitty Brow Kit.

My lips were lined with Nude Lip Pencil, and enhanced with Kir Royale Puregloss lip gloss, for a perfect pout.Sherrie set all of my beautiful makeup with Jane Iredale’s D20 Hydration Spray. These ECO certified sprays provide much needed skin hydration while setting all the mineral makeup, for all day beauty. It was a great daytime look and my skin felt so fresh and soft.

How to make purchasing a vehicle a positive experience

I log a lot of miles behind the wheel and find myself in a dealership every 3-5 years. I love the whole purchasing and negotiating experience of vehicle shopping. I spend days researching before I walk into a dealership. I want to share some tips for being a happy, satisfied customer.

Some top factors to take into consideration: First, determine the right vehicle for you. Assess your needs by which options are important to you, your must haves, the type of driving you do, road and weather conditions, cargo space, passenger seating and fuel mileage. Next, research your vehicle make and model choices and decide whether new, used or leased is the best buying option for you. Take note of current manufacturer and dealer incentives, rebates and finance options, set your budget and call your bank to know interest rates.

I prefer to shop local. Since Medina Auto Mall is my customer, I called them first. I was directed to Lionel Urquhart. Lionel and I spent question and answer time on the phone and narrowed my choices to the Buick Encore and the Buick Verano. We then scheduled a test drive.

Your test drive should mimic your daily driving habits and terrain. You want to really get a feel for the vehicle. I suggest you get in and get out of it to see that you can do so with ease, sit in the back seats if you’ll be hauling passengers, drive hills, curves, highways and urban streets. I believe you must be one with your vehicle.

Always work with a sales person you trust and be sure they thoroughly explain the features and benefits of the vehicle. Lionel was excellent to work with, helping me to easily choose the Buick Encore. Originally I thought my budget would allow me to only purchase an older model, but because I researched the current rebates and incentives I was able to purchase the 2015 model — a real plus! The entire team at Medina Auto Mall, from the first conversation, test drive, price negotiations and hands-on demo at delivery made my six hour experience fun. (By the way, six hours is the average buying time.)  I am definitely pleased with Medina Auto Mall, my Buick Encore and…free car washes!