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Are you plagued with chronic pain or headaches? Have you tried everything to find a cure with no relief? You are not alone — I was right there with you!

I also have struggled with migraine headaches and chronic pain. I couldn’t do the things I enjoy and was tired of the unwanted side effects from prescription drugs. I had feelings of frustration that there didn’t seem to be a solution to the root of the problem. Sound familiar?

I’m here to tell you after working with the Advanced Health and Wellness team in Wadsworth, the stress associated with my chronic pain and migraines is gone!

The team started with a health assessment that was the most thorough I have ever experienced, from X-rays to a blood test.

They designed a holistic program to address each and every area of concern, including providing me with a food plan, supplements, chiropractic care, micro-current and lipo-light therapy. Along with that, I enjoy their detoxifying body wraps on a weekly basis. Within three weeks my headaches and joint pain were gone. I can work out, sit down without pain and enjoy my daily activities!

I was so thrilled, I recommended Advanced Health and Wellness to my friend Lisa Goins. She started their Solutions4 meal plan, chiropractic and functional treatments. Lisa has already lost 10 pounds; she states she is feeling and moving better.

Yes, this is a heartfelt testimony of gratitude and deep appreciation for the doctors and staff at Advanced Health and Wellness. They are a caring team dedicated to  helping people meet their health and fitness goals.

The staff and patients become like a second family; it’s like the theme song from Cheers, where everyone knows your name.  I hear testimonies all the time while conversing with others on the wobble seats of how they are being helped.

I hope to see you there — what have you got to lose? The way I see it, there is everything to gain…and of course, tell them Donna sent you!

Brandon Bupp, D.C. and Advanced Health and Wellness Center are at 201 Great Oaks Trail, Wadsworth  330.336.9500