Scott and Tina Sabol 3

A few of our favorite things

Who: Scott and Tina Sabol. Scott is the morning meteorologist at WJW Fox 8, Cleveland. Tina is the community engagement manager for Medina County District Library. Married for 13 ½ years, the couple met at television station WBOY in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Scott is originally from Hudson; Tina is from Medina. The couple live in Medina with their two children.

Tina’s favorites

1. I got this t-shirt my freshman year of high school. I actually lost the original my junior year and bought this one from a friend. I still wear it; it’s always been so comfortable.

2. If there’s one thing that defines us as a couple, it’s our love of travel. We bought the print in Florence, Italy several years ago. The table runner is from my trip to Greece with my mom in September, 2015.

3. Running brings me clarity. Scott and I work out together, but running is my own.

4. I can’t live without my blender. I’ve used it every day for the past three years and it’s never let me down. My smoothie recipe is 5 strawberries, ¼ cup blueberries, a banana, about 6 pineapple chunks and as much spinach as I can shove into the blender.

5. We adopted Gracie when she was 6 weeks old. She fit in the palm of my hand. She was so timid. We gave her a bath with coconut shampoo, fed her a bowl of food and suddenly our timid dog was running all over, up and down, everywhere. She’s 13 now, so she’s slowed down, just a little bit.

 Scott’s favorites

6. My baseball glove is like an old friend.  I’ve had it since my senior year of high school. I played in high school and college at St. Louis University (Parks College.) I played second and third base and pitched.

7. I love taking photographs and I’m a big movie buff. Tina and I watch between 80 – 100 movies a year.

8. I’ve worked at WJW Fox 8 since I moved back 13 years ago. As a kid in fourth grade, I was one of Dick Goddard’s local weather watchers. I would call in to report significant weather events. I interned at Channel 8 during college.

9. I’ve been a drummer for a long time. I was in the high school concert band and I’m a big progressive rock fan, especially of the band Rush. I don’t play in a band, but enjoy playing when I get a chance.

10.  I’m the oldest in a family of five kids. I always knew I wanted a family of my own. We have two kids, ages 10 and 8. Being a dad, coaching their sports and finding fun things to do as a family is always very fulfilling.