Let a Spa Put the Ah in Your Next Vacation

After turning 40, I made the conscious decision to become passionate about wellness. My goals included adding exercise, eliminating processed foods, reducing stress, and most important, embracing the world of travel. And now I’ve discovered that reaching the age of 50 isn’t so bad after all!

Since opening Red Travel in Medina, I’ve seen how travel can impact so many lives in such a healthy positive way.

Here are the facts: Balancing a demanding job, family, aging parents and more can be arduous to manage and full of tension. Stress is one of the leading factors of deteriorating health issues. Stress can bring on or even worsen symptoms and diseases.

Vacations are an opportunity to let go of problems and the demands of work. In other words, de-stress, even if for just a short period of time. Medical studies have shown that even a short getaway can help prevent burnout, increase productivity and performance at work, lower stress, keep energy levels high, and promote an overall healthy well-being. A body needs the opportunity to de-stress just to maintain and improve health.

Since the terms “wellness” and “vacation” are spoken together in unprecedented frequency, the tourism industry has finally taken notice. Health camps, fitness and spa retreats are popping up all over the place. Hoteliers, cruise lines, resorts and tour operators are becoming increasingly aware that travelers are looking for a healthy escape. We don’t want to come back from our vacation feeling sluggish or pounds heavier. So resorts are enhancing their spas, fitness and wellness programs by bringing in trained athletes, and even prestigious chefs to accommodate dietary preferences such as vegan and gluten-free.

Sandals & Beaches Resorts invest hundreds of hours of additional certifications every year into its wellness staff. The spa experience focuses on connection, time and love, transforming guests from the inside out. Its fitness programs include top-of-the-line weight and cardiovascular equipment and Sandals offers a range of exercise classes such as Aqua Trike spinning classes, yoga on the beach, and Tabata, all run by certified instructors and all included in the resort stay.

AM Resorts are also on top of its game for health and fitness. The resort has dedicated an entire brand, Zoetry, as a spa and wellness resort.  Here you’ll discover that wellness extends far beyond traditional health, fitness, nutrition and the spa experience. Your holistic well-being is taken to a whole new level.

As we begin the New Year, now is the time for resolutions. Grow old gracefully by allowing yourself to de-stress and re-energize for the upcoming year. If you’re feeling tired, depressed, overworked or stressed, don’t pop a pill, take a vacation.

Cyndi Hansen is the executive travel director of RED Travel, 754 North Court Street, Medina, 330.591.5137, cyndi@redamoretravel.com, RedAmoreTravel.com