Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Mediterranean Fitness Focuses On You

Christina Manousogiannakis believes a healthy body and a healthy mind are what you need to achieve the best quality of life.

Celebrating her third year as the owner of Mediterranean Fitness in Medina, Christina is a fitness advocate who ran track and played baseball and volleyball in school.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in physiology with a concentration in cardiovascular rehabilitation,” she says.

Christina is also the personal trainer for the gym. “I love seeing the beginning and end results when I’m helping someone live a healthier lifestyle.”

According to Christina, quality of life is not just about fitness. “It’s about your spirituality, it’s about good nutrition. This is the year to get healthy. Stats show there is a lot of obesity in Ohio. Motivation is a key factor, but everybody is different in how they’re motivated. I like to write my goals down; other people might find motivation in just taking a class. It’s not always the people who are out of shape who need to find that motivation. Some people have health issues or are recovering from a sports injury. My goal as a trainer is to start with a physical assessment so I can help them reach their goal.”

Christina is aware that some people are hesitant to work out at a gym. “They might not feel comfortable, but I recommend they go to a gym and speak with a personal trainer. The trainer will help them overcome their hesitation and recommend the first steps to fitness.”

In addition to Christina’s personal training, Mediterranean Fitness offers a variety of classes at its expansive facility, including kickboxing, boot camp, yoga, Zumba, Pilates and cycling plus free weights and equipment. The gym even features a sweetly decorated child care room.

“We love our members,” she says. “We’re a family-friendly business that encourages community. Mediterranean Fitness has a club atmosphere.”

Christina herself has set goals for the new year, including a few for the business. “In 2016, we’re going to have a nutritionist and a massage therapist on staff. Massage is a great way to loosen up muscles before or after a workout to prevent injury. We’re still growing; we’re always looking for opportunities to improve Mediterranean Fitness. We love seeing the vision we have for this business unfold.”

According to Christina, Mediterranean Fitness is running a promotion through the month of January. “For just $8.99 per week, you get access to the gym, unlimited access to 30 classes, child care while you’re working out, two personal training sessions and a complimentary bag filled with a water bottle and t-shirt.”

Mediterranean Fitness 2736 Medina Road, Suite 103, Medina 330.591.0772