2016 Will Be Your Healthiest Year Ever

How many times has improving your health, working out, getting fit or losing weight been a New Year’s Resolution for you? Why isn’t once enough and why do you have to resolve to get healthy at the start of every year?

Americans should be healthier. Where do you think we rank in terms of health as a nation? In the top 10, top 20 or at least the top 30?  Nope. According to the World Health Organization, we rank 37th.

The reason we make the same health resolutions year after year, is because our health is not a priority. Not yet.

You’ve heard countless times: “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.” The truth is, an ongoing force in your life should always be to get healthy, stay fit, lose weight, improve energy and enjoy an overall well-being.

Your health is under your control and you can influence it positively or negatively

You may have been blessed with good genes or cursed with bad genes. Guess what? Some people mess up their good genes with an unhealthy lifestyle. Others work at overcoming some of those bad genes.What you do with your body can make a difference. Take control. Understand that you may have to give up some things and you may have to make some uncomfortable sacrifices. But in the end, when you feel good and can enjoy life to the fullest, it will be worth it.


Learn what you should be eating and what you should not be eating.  Learn how to exercise properly and start healthful habits that will move you closer to meeting your goals. There are a lot of big business marketers selling a vast array of health care products and that can be confusing. Educate yourself.

Enjoy life

Do the things you’ve always wanted to do.  Be active, play with your kids or grandkids, start a hobby, read a book, meet with friends and have fun. Enjoying life will give you more energy, more self-confidence and ultimately, the ability to reach your optimum health potential.

Invest in your health

Without a doubt, good health is the most valuable asset we have. Invest time, money and energy into achieving your maximum health potential. I promise, if you make your health a priority, it will be well worth your investment.

Find a way to learn how to improve your health and meet your goals once and for all.  Every week Advanced Health and Wellness Center offers a free community class called The 10 Keys to Turning Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine. Our class is a great way to get valuable information to start your journey.

This is the year for a new you. Make your good health your main priority.

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